Routine mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early when it’s most treatable. The expert OB/GYN team at The Women's Center offers mammograms at at Altamonte Springs, Celebration, Orlando, Oviedo, St. Cloud, Winter Park, Narcossee, and Hunters Creek locations. To schedule your mammogram, call the Hunter’s Creek office to book an appointment.

Mammogram Q & A

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is an X-ray of your breast that checks for early signs of breast cancer. Getting regular mammograms helps the team at The Women’s Center find breast cancer early, sometimes up to three years before a tumor can be felt with a regular breast exam.


What are the types of mammograms?

The team at The Women’s Center uses mammography for both screening and diagnostic purposes.

Screening mammogram
This type of mammogram checks for changes in breast tissue in women who don’t have signs or symptoms of breast cancer. The goal of screening mammography is to detect cancer before noticeable signs and symptoms develop.

Diagnostic mammogram
A diagnostic mammogram takes more time than a screening procedure and involves additional X-ray images. This type of mammogram investigates existing symptoms such as a new breast lump, pain, or nipple discharge.

The team at The Women’s Center uses the same machine for both screening and diagnostic mammography.

When should I start getting screening mammograms?

Experts and medical organizations disagree on the ideal age and frequency that women should begin getting screening mammograms.

The American Cancer Society recommends women with an average risk of breast cancer get yearly screening mammograms from age 45-54, and then continue every two years for at least 10 years after that. However, women may choose to start screening as young as age 40.

Women at higher risk, such as those with a family history of breast cancer, may benefit from screening mammography before age 40.

The best way to determine when and how often you need to be screened is to discuss your concerns and medical history with your provider at The Women’s Center.

What should I expect from a mammogram?

During a mammogram, you undress from the waist up and cover yourself with a gown. You stand in front of a specialized X-ray machine while your provider places one of your breasts on a platform.

The machine gradually presses your breast between the platform and a clear plastic plate. This pressure lasts only a few seconds and is necessary to spread out the breast tissue, but some women find it uncomfortable. If you experience too much pain, let the technician know.

You repeat this process for the other breast. Afterward, you can dress and resume normal activities right away.

To find out if you need a mammogram, call The Women’s Center Hunter’s Creek office to book an appointment.

These screenings are scheduled by the practice at the Hunter’s Creek location

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